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Pledging is easy! How to Pledge

Your pledge is your commitment to the support of the church. It summarizes the identified contributions that the church can expect from you in the coming year. If you are a member then you are expected to contribute to the church. If you don't wish to contribute then you should change your membership to "Friend of UCE" as friends are not obligated to contribute. Pledges are a commitment but they are not a contract. If your financial situation changes and you have to lower (or raise!) your pledge then an email to Andrew will get your pledge adjusted quickly.

          Pledge Now!

Completing your pledge consists of delivering your instructions to the Canvass person (Andrew Mills). I have received verbal pledges, handwritten notes, emails, and text messages. These all work but the best method is to fill out a pledge form. The pledge form makes it a bit easier for me since everyone answers the same questions.

You can find pledge forms at the Canvass display in the lobby, in the newsletter in February and March, in the orders of service for March, and on the canvass web site at If you donated to the church in 2020 you will also receive an email letter with a thank you and a new pledge form.

The form has three parts: your name, your pledge, and how you will pay your pledge.

In the "I would like to pledge" section you can choose to pledge 10% more (our preferred choice obviously!), pledge the same as last year, or to pledge a specific amount (that you enter in the box provided). If you are not sure what your pledge was last year ask Andrew and he can look it up for you.

In the "I will pay my pledge" section you can choose that you are already set up on direct deposit (our preferred choice obviously!), that you would like to set up direct deposits, or that you will pay some other way. When you choose to pay some other way you can pay immediately (with a cheque, or online) or pay later. If you are going to pay later please explain in the notes so that we can plan our income over the year.

A note on the pledge dates. Our church year is July 1st until June 30th each year. If you pay with a cheque right away it goes into the current year (unless post-dated). If you are on direct deposits and ask for an increase then the change normally will take place on July 1st.

Once your pledge is filled out you just need to return it to the church. An excellent way to do this is to put your pledge form into the collection plate on a Sunday. Seeing the collection plates overflowing with pledge forms will encourage others to complete their pledges! I would also encourage you to try the online pledge form here.

Contact me if you have questions

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