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On-Line Payments

For online payments we recommend the Canada Helps service. Canada Helps accepts many payment methods and issues your tax receipt instantly as you donate. They charge a small fee for handling the transaction.

Thank you for donating!

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Here is a list of the fees and services provided.

Canada Helps
Service Fee 3.5%
One Time Donations Yes
Monthly Donations Yes
Visa Yes
Mastercard Yes
American Express Yes
Paypal Yes
Note with Donation Yes
Dedicate Donation Yes
Anonymous Option Optional

Canada Helps Payment Service

Donate to UCE now through!We have registered our church with Canada Helps so that they can process payments on our behalf. Canada Helps is a charity in their own right but focus entirely on providing payment services to Canadian non-profit groups. By registering with Canada Helps we can have them accept payment with credit cards or bank cards on our behalf.

When you click on the logo above or click here you go to the UCE page at Canada Helps.

With Canada Helps you can donate one-time or monthly. You can use credit cards or Paypal. The other thing you can do with Canada Helps is to give a donation as a gift.

One note. There is an option to give your donation anonymously. We would prefer that you let us know who you are when you donate. The amount you donate to the church is confidential but we'd really like to know who our supporters are.

What does it cost? There is no charge to the donor. You get a tax receipt instantly for the full amount of your donation. The church is charged a handling fee of 3.5% which is actually pretty good for a credit card service fee.

Note that inside Canada Helps you can donate to almost any registered charity in Canada. It's a pretty interesting service. Let me know if you have any questions about on-line payment services.

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