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Where Can My Donation Be Directed?

There are so many ways we can support our church. The Unitarian Church of Edmonton (UCE) has several funds where people can direct their donations. Each of these funds have guidelines. Here are the funds that are active at the current time. All donations to any of the funds below are tax deductible. Identify your donation by using an envelope for donations through the collection plate or by using a personal cheque or on-line donation.

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General Fund
The General Fund is the main source of operating income for the church. This is the fund that supports the church budget. This is where most church income is collected including pledges, collection plate, rental income, sales and fundraisers. This is also the fund that pays for all the bills including all building operating costs, all staff wages and costs, and the cost of all church programs. Most donations go to the General Fund.

Each year you may see "canvass" themes as a donation choice. These theme names are there to identify canvass pledges from other donations. All canvass donations go to the General Fund.

Permanently Restricted Funds
A permanently restricted fund is one in which the principal of the fund is protected but that the interest can be spent if/when needed.

  • Endowment Fund
    The endowment fund is set up to provide a long-term legacy for UCE. The endowment fund is directed by a separate endowment committee which decides how to invest the fund for security and best return. The endowment fund is actively accepting donations.
    • Direct donations - indicate the Endowment Fund on your envelope or cheque
    • Gifts in memory - indicate the person to be remembered on your envelope or cheque
    • Bequests - donations from estates will go to the endowment fund
Temporarily Restricted Funds
A temporarily restricted fund is one in which the amounts donated are reserved for a specific purpose. The money in these funds will be spent on the identified purpose as much as is practical. To set up a temporarily restricted fund for a specific purpose you need to get the approval of the UCE board.

I Want to Donate to a Specific Cause
Sometimes people ask to donate to a specific cause such as to the choir, or to social action, or to the youth group. The best way to do this is to donate to the general fund and to make a note on your donation that you are donating in support of these specific causes. The church will do its best to direct the funds to meet your request.  


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