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Why Give to UCE?

We give to support our community. When I was growing up my family was generous to many charities. My father gave generously to the church and to various charities around town. My mother would volunteer at the United Way office and would participate in fund raisers in the church and the community. It strikes me though that my experience is different from what others may experience today. Did you have a parent or mentor who showed you the importance of giving? If not, then where did you learn of the importance of giving?

          Pledge Now!

Nowadays people put their money into their interests. If you are interested in your child's soccer team then you would give to all of their fundraisers (Mmmm... all those chocolate almonds!). If you like animals then you might give to the SPCA. If you are having trouble seeing why you should contribute to our church then I would suggest you start by pursuing your interests in the church.

All of the largest donors at UCE are either current volunteers or people who have volunteered extensively in the past. Are you involved in religious education with your children? Are you singing in the choir? Are you participating in some of the chalice circle groups for fellowship and discussion? Each time you pursue your interests in the church it becomes a little easier to fill out that pledge form during canvass.

I learned from my family that giving to charities and to church is an important part of your committment to community. As a starting point I suggest that you participate by volunteering with your church. Once you connect with your interests you will discover the importance of your financial support and will find it easier to donate!

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