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Re-emergence 2021

Let's re-emerge this year! Itís been a difficult year. Itís been a disruptive year. Itís been a year where we have all had to adapt and change. But as we move into 2021 there is hope that the COVID 19 virus will recede, and that we can get back to our normal lives. We are going to start to re-emerge from our social isolation and move back into the in-person activities that we have been missing.

Our theme for this yearís canvass is Re-emergence. Your pledges and financial support this year will help the church re-emerge in 2021 as the social gathering space that we have been missing. The church will re-emerge as an important place to interact with our friends, family, and the activities that enhance our social lives.

The timing of the churchís re-emergence will not be clear until the spring. While this pandemic appears to be following the three waves of previous pandemics, the emergence of effective vaccines may speed the end of this virus. It is hoped that the anticipated third wave (spring of 2021) will be countered by vaccinations so that our re-emergence can be sooner.

I am certainly looking forward to re-emerging from my social hibernation. I look forward to seeing you all in church, to singing in choirs, travel, and to attending concerts, theatre, and sporting events. I have missed the enthusiastic applause of an appreciative audience, the hugs from friends, and the camaraderie of social events.

So, join me in pledging your support for our church. Between now and the end of March we need all our members to indicate their financial support for our coming church year. Please complete a pledge form and help our church re-emerge from this difficult year.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the work of our church.

Andrew Mills
2021 Canvass

Over the next few months I am going to share thoughts of how we can be here together and support our church. I'll do that through newsletter articles, talks in church, with this canvass web site, and through emails and letters that I will send to our donor members and friends.

          Pledge Now!

Canvass time is when you, the members and friends of the church, tell us what your financial intentions are for the coming year. We need to gather your intentions of support so that we can prepare our annual budgets. Between now and the end of March I will be asking all members (and interested friends) to provide a pledge of financial support which we will use to prepare our budget in the spring.

On this little web site you will find a number of helpful explanations that I don't have space to include elsewhere. It is also where you can find the online pledge form, information on how to set up preauthorized deposits, and information on the two on-line payment sites we have set up so that you can pay your pledge.

Why and how much should you give to UCE? I try to answer that question in a couple of articles on this web site.

I also try and post the letters and articles that I use in the canvass here so that you can see what I have sent to people over the course of the campaign.

So please fill out your pledge before the end of March 2021.

Contact me if you have questions

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