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Renewable Energy 2022

Let's tap into our church's renewable energy! All the energy we use in our lives comes from the sun. The sun has always provided the energy for the plants we eat and for the fuels we use to warm ourselves. As our climate changes we recognize how the ancient sunlight in the fuels from the earth can no longer be used without replenishment. People of the world are reaching back to the sun for the sustaining power of renewable energy.

All the energy we have in our church comes from our people. The members and friends of our church have always provided the energy for the volunteer work that needs to be done and the financial support that sustains the programs of our church. Over the past two years our “climate” has changed due to the pandemic and many of us have been feeling a depletion of our energy. It’s time for us to reach back to our people to tap the renewable energy of our church.

This year our canvass theme is renewable energy. How do we renew the energy in our church?

I see two areas where we need renewal. The first is in volunteer time. As we re-emerge and make our way back to church in person, we need to renew our involvement in helping each other in the work of the church. We’ve spent a lot of time in front of the computer on Zoom calls; now is the time to pick an area where you want to be involved and to volunteer your time. We have a number of roles where you could help; ask Rev. Rosemary or a board member where your talents could best be directed.

The other area is the renewal of your financial commitment to the church. During last year’s canvass we raised an average of $1000 for every active member of our church. If you were above the average, then thank you for sustaining our church! If you are donating less than the average, then please consider raising your pledge a bit each year (as you are able) to get closer to that average. Help us renew the financial energy of our church!

Canvass runs from January until the end of March each year. During this time we ask all of our members (and generous friends) to pledge their financial support for the coming church year. Your pledge directly affects our budget as we plan for next year’s church programs and activities. Please return your pledge form before March 31st.

Thank you for supporting the work of your church!

Andrew Mills
2022 Canvass

Over the next few months I am going to share thoughts of how we can be here together and support our church. I'll do that through newsletter articles, talks in church, with this canvass web site, and through emails and letters that I will send to our donor members and friends.

          Pledge Now!

Canvass time is when you, the members and friends of the church, tell us what your financial intentions are for the coming year. We need to gather your intentions of support so that we can prepare our annual budgets. Between now and the end of March I will be asking all members (and interested friends) to provide a pledge of financial support which we will use to prepare our budget in the spring.

On this little web site you will find a number of helpful explanations that I don't have space to include elsewhere. It is also where you can find the online pledge form, information on how to set up preauthorized deposits, and information on the two on-line payment sites we have set up so that you can pay your pledge.

Why and how much should you give to UCE? I try to answer that question in a couple of articles on this web site.

I also try and post the letters and articles that I use in the canvass here so that you can see what I have sent to people over the course of the campaign.

So please fill out your pledge before the end of March.

Contact me if you have questions

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