Volunteering in the UCE Children's Program


Children’s classes at U.C.E. are taught by volunteers. The lessons are all ready to go; volunteers simply learn them and then share them with the kids! We light candles, read stories, play games, make crafts and sing songs.

The commitment is for each Sunday morning, from 10 am to 12 pm. You can sign up for the fall term (September to December), the winter term (January to May), or for the whole year.
We would like to have 2 teachers for each class. This allows volunteers to share the work load. It also means that they can share in the wonderful learning journey of teaching kids spiritual lessons with someone else.

Volunteering as a teacher means that you are taking a major part in providing a very magical program to the children of our community. The families at UCE are incredibly blessed to be able to enroll their children in lessons about discovering their own beliefs and values, respecting the environment, helping others, giving back to the community, and finding their way through a complex moral world.

Please consider giving some of your time to give this gift to our children. If you would like to volunteer, contact Will A. : ucekids@uce.ca or (780) 454-5816