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📞 Dial +1 587 328 1099

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Oct 9, 2022
  • Giving thanks for Sacred Space -- Guest Speaker Louise Cardinal, Service Leader: Gordon Ritchie

Oct 16, 2022
  • Stepping Out: The Courage to Let Ourselves be Known -- Rev. Rosemary Morrison

Everyone is welcome to attend in-person or online. Zoom links are on this page and in our calendar.

Sharing Our Abundance

We donate half of the loose cash collected each month to a different charity.

Child Haven International was started by a Unitarian Minister, Fred Cappuccino and his wife Bonnie Cappuccino.

Child Haven supports children and women in developing countries who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing. They operate five homes in India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Bangladesh.


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UCE welcomes and celebrates the presence and participation of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people.​

The Unitarian Church of Edmonton is a congregation
openly and honestly searching, learning, connecting, and serving.