10804-119 Street • 780-454-8073

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Unitarian Church of Edmonton
10804-119 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 3P2

Phone:  780-454-8073

Fax: 780-452-1641

Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Email:  chadmin@uce.ca

Staff Contacts

Minister: Rev. Brian Kiely – Retired

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Director of Religious Education: Will Adairucekids@uce.ca

Church Administrator: Janet Polkovsky – 780-454-8073 chadmin@uce.ca

Chaplain Services:

Reverend Audrey Brooks – 780-489-8842 audbrook@telusplanet.net 

Marilyn Gaa – 780-432-7660 marilyngaa@telusplanet.net