Membership Information

Unitarian Universalists share an open-minded and warm-hearted religion. It has been nurtured by the Jewish and Christian heritage, but is not now confined within the limits of any one tradition. We hope we can find channels through which to express the deeper insights of all the historic religions.

No assent to any creed or statement of belief is required by any person joining a Unitarian Universalist society. Members accept the obligation to seek out truth for themselves and to follow that truth wherever it may lead. Unitarians affirm the worth of all human beings. They trust people’s ability to build their own faith and believe people should be encouraged to think for themselves.

Unitarian Universalists recognize that people will differ in their opinions and lifestyles. They hold that these differences should be not only accepted but genuinely supported, for each of us needs freedom to grow in ways that will encourage a similar freedom for all others to reach their own highest potentialities.

The Unitarian Church of Edmonton is a free, liberal church. That is, each member is encouraged to form his or her own convictions in fellowship with others who are engaged in a similar search for meaning.

Visitors are always welcome and can participate easily and without obligation.  If you are at least 16 years of age and in general sympathy with our purposes and program, we invite you to become a member by downloading and completing a Membership Application which you can drop off to the membership desk, minister, church office or e-mail to church administrator (

There is no creedal test and no obligatory ceremony connected with becoming a member. All members, however, are expected to take an interest in their church and to contribute as they are able, both financially and through service. Please visit our Donations & Planned Giving page for more information.

We welcome you to a church that is a fellowship of seekers, dreamers and doers.