Quiet Room and Quiet Bags

Some children prefer to stick close to their caregivers while the service is going on. For these children we have two options to help them have a good time during the service.

 The Quiet Room

Our quiet room is located at the back of the main sanctuary. The service can be watched through the window, with the audio plays through a speaker located in the room. Caregivers can feel comfortable knowing that children can play with the toys and books provided in the room without having to remain totally silent, while the adults still get to watch and participate in the service.

 Quiet Bags

For those kids who prefer to stay with their caregivers in the main sanctuary during the worship service, we have quiet bags prepared. Located just inside the coat room, quiet bags include colouring sheets, some paper, and a bag of crayons. Children are welcome to take a quiet bag into the service with them so they can something to do with their hands while they listen to the service with their ears.