Thanks for helping out today. Here are some tips to make your work easier:

Prior to the Service

Prepare Orders of Service and hymnals for distributions as people enter. Please note that some services require both hymnals, some only the grey one.

Sanctuary Doors – Please leave one door open until the collection has been received. It should then be closed.

Sharing Our Abundance

Please wait until after the music has started before beginning the collection. After receiving all the collection plates, please remain at the back.

Receiving the Offering

Once the congregation has begun singing “From You I Receive….”, bring the offering plates up to the front and place them on the small table situated on the steps to the right. Note – table may be situated differently for Chorealis services. Please check before the service.

During the Service

Count the number present, fill in the form and leave it in the church administrator’s mailbox (in the photocopy room) after the service.

At the end of the Service

Collect the hymnals and return them to the bookcases. Pick up any stray hymnals, orders of service and other items and return them as appropriate.


Thanks again for helping out!

Note – Audio aids for those requiring them should have been brought down to you by the audio technician. If you don’t have them, please check with him or her (they’re up the stairs from the side door on the right of the sanctuary)