Jan 09 2021


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Saturday Night Social

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Meeting ID: 986 8358 0039, Passcode: 544205

Meeting ID: 986 8358 0039

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Duringthis time of COVID-19 restrictions, many of us are living alone without thephysical comfort and intellectual stimulation of our friends and family. Eventhose of us who share our living quarters have relationship challenges that areexacerbated by unrelenting togetherness in limited spaces. 

 So,what can we offer each other to cure social isolation or socialoversaturation?  An opportunity to connect and spend time with someoneelse is just the antidote to both situations.  

 Totest this cure, you are invited to join us via Zoom on Saturday nightsin January from 7 to 10 pm beginning January 9th. Maximizing the flexibility ofZoom, we will offer a casual and free-flowing experience. You may choose tojoin a planned activity or just hang out. 

 Wewill create as many breakout rooms as often as we need — so you may move inand out of as many conversations as you want. Even the planned activities willbe unstructured and casual so that you can drop in at any time. Here’stheschedule:                                  

 January 9, 2021: (Sharing stories aboutdeath and dying led by Rev. Lee Anne) Many of us have comforting, moving, or inspiring stories about eventsaround the death of friends and family which we do not often share. Rev. LeeAnne has two. What about you? Come share your story and be inspired by thestories of others. We will also facilitate small group discussions andfree-ranging conversations.