The Unitarian Church of Edmonton is a congregation openly and honestly searching, learning, connecting, and serving.

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Office Hours:
Tuesday to Friday
9:30 am to 1:30 pm
UCE welcomes and celebrates the presence and participation of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people.
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  • Aug 18 
Poetry in Motion
Rev. Audrey Brooks
Come, relax, enjoy beverages, munchies that you bring, and each other's company as we share our favorite poetry, including our own. 
Audrey Brooks will put the coffee and tea on, and bring paper and pens in case your muse calls you to write poetry on the spot. 
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  • You ay be Unitarian Universalist if you think the holy trinity is 
reduce, reuse, recycle

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  • Why can’t Unitarians sing very well in church?

Because they’re always reading ahead to see if they agree with the next verse.

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  • Summer reading written on DRE's office window .... ALL OF NATURE IS SACRED

For the love of all began with the world.
All of Nature is sacred.
Every creature is a thinking, feeling being.
We are blessed with wondrous variety.
We are part of nature and of every being on the planet. What we do to one affects the many.
In this web of existence, we are each a strand. Our pushing and pulling moves the fabric of our world.
Each bird and insect, each fish and four-legged creature, all are our siblings.
Let us treat them as we would one another, with compassion and dignity, with understanding and honor.
The love that we show each being radiates outward, a beam of kindness and caring that can be felt with the heart.
And in turn, our hearts receive that love from each being, and it echoes onward to eternity.

By Lorelei Greenwood-Jones

Unitarian Universalist Principle #7 : 
Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part

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  • Aug 11 
Lay Chaplaincy to Serve the Community 
Marilyn Gaa
The Lay Chaplain's role is to perform marriages, child dedications, and memorials for those that want a meaningful event that is not constrained by traditional religion. 
Those attending this service will have an opportunity to share their stories of memorable "rites of passage". #UU #Unitarian #Church of #Edmonton #Treaty6 #yeg 
  • Fringe Preview of "Where Heroes Lie" at the Unitarian church of Edmonton Saturday night. 
Donation plate (cash shared with charity) or non perishable food to @yegfoodbank 
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  • jUUst keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… 
Swim on over to the Western Region Youth Con 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta! 
It will be an amazing weekend filled with fun activities, worship, games, and multigenerational workshops and meals. 
Join youth and advisors from across the Western Region for this annual youth con, which is part of the larger multigenerational Western Regional Fall Gathering. 
Our theme, JUUst Keep Swimming, will inspire us to dive into some deep, timely topics, such as climate change and how we can keep moving forward together during this time of uncertainty. 
You might think the prairies are land-locked, but did you know that after the last ice age, one million years ago, all of Edmonton was under an enormous lake? The landscape has changed so dramatically over time, and now we find ourselves in another time of rapid ecological change! The past is full of lessons for us to draw from as we look toward the future. And what does the future hold? No one knows, how far it goes… Like the uncharted depths of the ocean, what is to come is a mystery. No one knows, how deep it goes… Though the sea levels are rising and the oceans are full of plastic, we choose to keep on swimming, together. And who knows, how far we’ll go! 
As usual, this year’s youth con will include time for youth community activities and social time in the evenings and on Saturday morning; and multigen time with the whole conference for Friday’s Ingathering service, Saturday afternoon workshops, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and Sunday morning worship.

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  • Lughnasadh Blessings
Lammas August 1
The Wheel has turned once more,
The First Harvest is at our door.
Giving us Abundance of Plenty,
We share them with our own and many
Our dying sun begins to fade,
As the Goddess bears the fruit they made,
The sun will journey back to Earth,
In the endless cycle of 
Life, Death, and Rebirth 🥖☀️🌾
#Lammas #Pagan #UU #Unitarian #church of #Edmonton #Treaty6 #yeg
  • Prison ministry – a day in the life of a Chaplain. Ever wonder what it must be like to work in a federal prison with minimum, medium and maximum security inmates? Listen to the unique challenges of providing ministry in an all-women correctional facility. 
Chaplain Deana Walters has been working as a Prison Chaplain at the Edmonton Institution for Women since 2011. She started volunteering there as a Master of Divinity student and quickly transitioned into a part-time position, followed by full-time employment.

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Sunday Services Begin at 10:30am
Please come early to say hi, grab a coffee in a washable / reusable mug, and your favourite seat in the Sanctuary ♥
free parking, no stairs, wear what makes you comfortable but please no scents 
All are welcome
We are centrally located at:
Unitarian Church of Edmonton
10804-119 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 3P2
  • Thank you to everyone that participated in our July 21 Summer Service “Going Plastic Free”, especially our service leader Susan Ruttan 🥰 and our guests @wastefreeyeg  # UU #unitarian #church of #edmonton #treaty6 #yeg #plasticfree