Speaking of learning…so this happened

Speaking of learning…so this happened:

On Thursday, February 9th our 13 year old van was stolen form a store parking
lot. “Bluie” had been part of our family for a decade. There are a lot of fond

That Sunday night and I learned that the RCMP had ‘recovered’ it. Turns out it was in not one but two high speed chases over the weekend. A Constable from the local RCMP detachment spoke to me. He said that he was in the first on Friday night but broke off pursuit. On Sunday he was alerted that the van was coming his way from Wetaskiwin so he set up for them. After a short pursuit the driver went off the road and crashed into a light post. As you can see the driver did a very thorough job of crashing. Three people were arrested and some others managed to get away. Odd to think of your vehicle could be involved in something  ike that!

The next day my younger daughter wrote, “R.I.P. Bluie the Van. You will be dearly missed. You lived an entire 12 or 13 years. You had a good life and you served your purpose.”

Being a social media type I posted it all on Facebook and drew the response of nearly 100 people. The only post I ever offered that drew more attention (understandably) was last spring when that same daughter broke her arm. The next day there was also a private email – an offer of a vehicle of similar vintage for the sum of $1. I was speechless, but fortunately my fingers worked through the welling of tears so I was able to type, “Yes, thank you.” It turns out that the Santa Fe (renamed ‘Fei’) is in considerably better condition that Bluie. What a gift!

So the learnings?

*Even on a cold night when you don’t think it will restart, don’t leave your old van running for 8 minutes. *Don’t Panic! (Thanks, Douglas Adams). It does no good.

*The EPS and the RCMP can be very kind and gentle when dealing with people.

*Even insurance companies can be understanding!

*Once in a while there are good and generous people who will save you from your mistakes and ask nothing in return.

Although I like the idea of karma, I am not sure I believe in it. Too often terrible things have happened to good people I know, things they did not deserve. I don’t think I either deserved or did not deserve to have my car stolen. It just happened. I don’t think I deserved to have a new-to-me car drop in my lap either, but I sure am.

The biggest learning was this: We all have the opportunity to look out for those among us who are having a struggle, be it theft, illness or hard times. We all have the opportunity to do whatever we reasonably can and to offer help with no expectation of reward. And maybe when you are the recipient, you have an obligation to pass it on.

When the time comes to sell Fei, I won’t ask more than $1.

See you in church