Sometimes it’s good to take stock

Well, that year went fast! I was surprised to sit down and find myself already writing
“Services for June”!

Sometimes it’s good to take stock. We often do it at the turning of the year, or the changing of the seasons. For someone in my line of work, and perhaps teachers, now is as good a time as any.

Our community did a great deal implementing and celebrating our Strategic Plan. We enjoyed a resurgence in the RE and Youth Programs under the leadership of DRE Lauren Kay who has done exceptional work.

In the office we have experienced developing efficiencies and changes in administrative and financial practices thanks to the dedicated work of Administrator Janet Polkovsky supported by Treasurer Susan Ruttan, Bookkeeper Bev Walker and Power Church guru Andrew Mills.

The Board worked well and efficiently under the leadership of retiring President Mike Keast. Nothing fazes him.

We debated and decided on accepting a mural for the outside of our church. Democracy can be messy, but I think the community managed to remain civil and kept the differences of opinion from becoming personal. Conflict can be hard in a church, but I think we managed it as well as possible.

Social Justice had an active and productive year with an ever-growing team of concerned members.

We had some great parties for all ages and stages.

Theme ministry has proved very popular in its first full year. The addition of Service Leaders was a nice enhancement as well.

Chorealis managed a series of excellent musical services, Sundays that had both depth and beauty. And this year we enjoyed the regular gift of music from Orchestra Borealis one of our renters.

Together with Westwood, we managed a successful year of sponsorship for the Adam family, our Syrian refugees. After one year they are living independently, we have sorted out various medical, dental and optical issues, have found them a vehicle. The children have done well for their first year in Canadian schools and are looking forward to summer camps. Mohammad and Ramza continue working on their English and Mohammad is now searching for a job. I know they would like things to move faster, but things ARE moving.

So much else has happened that I could take up the whole newsletter. Labyrinth walks, special services, Soup Sundays, the garage sale and on and on and on. Thanks to everyone for making this place so darn busy!

Personally it’s been an interesting year as my relationship with Erica Slevin has blossomed into an engagement. The blending of families that has gone far better than we had any right to expect. We share four great children.

I completed my nine years of service to the ICUU and six years with Capital Region Housing and stepped away from both. There have been a few health issues over the winter, but they are behind me now and I am looking forward to my fundraising bicycle events in June and August.

In all, it’s been a pretty good year. Thanks for being part of it.

See you in church