Setting out the chairs…

Jim Logan’s memorial service begins in a few hours. I am writing my column but looking forward to my next task. I will be setting out the chairs for his service by myself. Just me. It’s something I do, something I have done for almost every member’s memorial service I have done ever since Freeman Patrick died 19 years ago. Back then, he and Jim Campbell usually did the job. I recall telling Freeman I would take over for him just days before he died.

I suppose it’s a personal way to honour the member we have lost. By the time the service commences, I am busy with words and music and the family members participating in the service. This quiet time before is my time to say goodbye, todo one final thing for this soul who belonged to our community.

That time before the service, that time when the church is empty is special and even a bit mystical. In college, and after, I worked as a Stage Manager. I have always loved the empty theatre, being the only one in the room. There is something entrancing about standing in a place where magic has happened, and will no doubt happen again. Being there in the silence, before the energy starts to build again, inspires me. I feel that I am on the cusp – everything is still just potential. Will it be good or mediocre or a mess? Who knows? I only know it will happen here. In those private moments of setting out chairs, what will happen is all still in the future tense of ‘might be’. I love it.

I’m going to set out chairs now.

See in you in Church, where magic just might happen.