On track for the new church year

Getting back on track for the new church year, DRE Will Adair, Administrator Janet Polkovsky and I met for our first staff meeting of the year. It was good and productive. It was a chance to discuss plans and concerns as we look ahead.

Here are a few takeaways:

* We are creating a new Parent’s Council to support our church school program. The idea is to invite all parents to participate in setting the direction for the program in addition to having them help plan the odd social event and organize classroom volunteers. It is meant to be fun, and not onerous or something else to be crammed into busy lives.

Our goal is to work with our new Director of Religious Exploration, Will Adair to make sure the program is well supported and is headed in the directions families wish it to go. There are details of the first meeting elsewhere in this newsletter. I hope you will mark it down and attend.

* As in many congregations, our staff are also members, and they sometimes volunteer as well. That can be tricky, especially on Sunday mornings. It’s hard to resist the temptation to ‘do business’ with them when it might be the only time you see them face to face. But our staff are entitled to their time for personal renewal and social connections. Please keep your church administration concerns out of the Sanctuary and maybe even out of Coffee Hour if possible. We have answering systems and emails and lots of ways to communicate. Thanks for being considerate.

*As for educational programming, look for details in the coming weeks of a course on UU History and Literature I will be offering as well as Erica DeNeve’s training course for those interested in becoming supportive chaplains to members in need.

Here’s to a good church year!

See you in Church,