Ministerial Transition at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton

UCE Interim Transition Team

The Interim Transition Team provides leadership and support to the congregation in transitioning toward a new ministry. We help the congregation work toward this goal by examining our heritage, leadership, mission and connections. The team has identified a number of priority actions that are achievable in the coming months. These include:

  • regular and ongoing dialogue with the congregation in redefining our new vision and leadership

  • establishment of task teams to examine Good Governance and Best Practice Financial Management

  • development of a strong vision for volunteerism for UCE, to support an ongoing organizational culture where volunteers make up a large component of the church workforce

  • support to the Interim Minister in exploring our communal readiness to move on from 22 years of the previous ministry as well as examining and celebrating UCE’s heritage

The Interim Transition Team was selected through a congregational nomination process. Best practices for such teams include identifying people who are not Board members but are recognized as leaders in the community. The team began meeting in November 2020. They have also connected with other UU transition teams from congregations across North America to share stories and challenges, especially in this pandemic time.

Your Interim Transition Team is composed of the following members.

Graham McFarlane
Louise Charach
Ruth Patrick
Lynne Turvey
Yvonne Mireau
John Pater

Committee Timeline