Looking back, looking forward

It’s been quite an autumn around the Church, hasn’t it? Our child and youth programs have been growing. There have been lots of new faces and an uptick in Sunday attendance. Our building is hopping with four choirs and an orchestra using it as well as several chefs making use of our kitchen. There is a concert soon with our own Erin Van Der Molen-Pater and friends. We had a successful adult program series on Living and Dying. Adult OWL has started again. There have been pot-lucks and parties and a Youth sleepover. Dragging Youth, a co-sponsored event grows stronger each month. Religion on Tap gets a steady turn out each month. There have been clothing drives and the Child Haven dinner. We are looking forward to a Seniors’ Christmas Lunch in early December, always a popular event. Chalice Circles are forming for new participants again, Social Justice has been active and we have our Soup Sundays. Our media presence is being extended by a revitalized Communications Committee helping support all of these events.

In October, several of us attended the CUC Regional Fall Gathering in Calgary. The keynote speaker, Rev. John Pentland spoke on what change happened in the United Church he serves that grew from 60 to 600 members. The Board has been reviewing his book “Fishing Tips” and are starting to implement some of his ideas like the three minute “Community Conversations” with one another in the service. More will come, though I take comfort in noting we are already doing some of the things he suggests. We are not a congregation afraid of change, though we often like to do it slowly.

All of which is a long and drawn way to say things have been going well around here. There is new energy and new people becoming involved in leadership. Are we thriving yet? Matter of opinion, I guess, but we certainly are not dwindling. I think we are on the right track.

Here’s hoping that you have a lovely and relaxing holiday season and that we all regather willing to keep the energy and the light growing.

See you in Church,