If the world is getting you down

In my October 23rd sermon, “How do you affirm a Hitler?” I mostly
spoke about the debilitating effects of hate. Towards the end of the
sermon I showed an optimistic video from “ThisIsZinc”.

The title of the video is “Some right-wing politicians want us to believe things have never been worse.” I urge you to watch it if the world is getting you down.

The 90 second video opens, “Some right-wing politicians want us to believe things have never been worse.” It then shows quotes from Marie Le Pen of France, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage one of the UK’s Brexit leaders. And then the video goes on to destroy their claims with supported facts. Here is the text I find so inspiring:

Life on earth has never been better. We live around 40 years longer than in the 19th century. For the first time ever, less than 10% of the world lives in absolute poverty. We are in school longer than ever before and since 1950 the average IQ has increased by an average of 20 points. For the first time in history more countries are democracies than dictatorships. There is less war than ever. The far right want us to deny that our lives are better. They tell us we need to bring back the greatness of our past, but greatness is not in our past, it is in our future.

I completely endorse this video and its claims. It supports a view I have held for years. Sure we have problems in our society, lots of them. But in every file, I can see we have made improvements. Today we are discussing indigenous people issues and reconciliation concerns. When I was a child many didn’t even know there was a problem. We are struggling for environmental solutions we never dreamt of even challenging 25 years ago. Health, education, economy, poverty – in virtually every category we have made tangible progress.

I’m not suggesting that we have our problems licked or that there won’t be backward steps – I’m not that foolish. But in this concise message refuting the campaigns of hate I find a simple and precious thing – Hope, and real reasons to keep hoping.

See you in church!