Finding Our Ground

The theme for this month is “Finding Our Ground”. Perhaps I was prescient when I picked it a few months ago. I am suddenly aware that I am beginning my last five months as the minister of this congregation. I am facing quite a change in my life after more than 22 years.

There are days when I get that little electric shock of anxiety about that. I need to reconnect with what grounds me. There is nothing unique about that. Every one of us faces change at times. To cope with it we have to find that thing that keep us balanced and secure and grounded as we go through it.

Maybe it’s family or friends, maybe it’s a spiritual practice of some kind, maybe it’s a routine activity like exercise or volunteer work, gardening or housecleaning. It’s a familiar thing that reminds us of what we like and love, what we are good at or maybe just something calming or even distracting.

Distraction: On August 18 and 19 I again rode in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer for the seventh time. 208 kilometers of hilly cycling over two days raising funds to support cancer research, I am proud to say I finished. It was also a great road trip with my youngest daughter who worked in our Team Cross Cancer support van. Cycling is a grounding activity for me, and the training required for this event proved a great distraction as well. This is my first day in the office after that. Distraction is over… now it’s time to commit to my last few months here and to the work of sorting my post UCE future.

And it’s time for the congregation to think about what comes next. We are convening a worship planning meeting to work on the February to June Sunday schedule. The Board is working on their planning tasks as are other groups in the church. There will no doubt be future focused conversations. I hope you choose to participate. The members have always been the ground of this congregation, so your thoughts and dreams will be needed.

We will all have to find our grounding in different ways to make this next year flow smoothly.

See you in church!