Feb 21 2021


3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Let’s Sing!!

Let’s Sing!!

This is an open invitation to all members of Chorealis and Harmonia to join together in a sing-along on Sunday afternoon,  February 21st from 4-5:30 pm MT.  We are going to be led by Cathy Baker and Dick Johnson from Victoria who are the leaders of The Gettin’ Higher Choir and also the Capital UU Congregation of Victoria.  They are excellent song leaders and several of us have participated in their Wednesday night sing-along.  This event is designed especially for our choirs but we welcome any other members of the congregations who would like to join us. 

If you register, you will receive an email shortly before the event with an updated link with Meeting ID and password, and another email with lyrics for songs we will sing.

Our hope is that our time together lifts your spirits and fills your heart with songs.

They will mainly feature a wide variety of quick-teach songs, chants, rounds—some familiar, some brand-new—some from colleagues in the Ubuntu Choirs Network, some from Gettin’ Higher Choir guest artists.

They’ll open the doors by 3:45pm and we can talk with other singers until we get going. Get familiar with the controls on your screen, for turning on/off your audio and video, and the Participants and Chat panels—help each other out!

They are looking forward to meeting and singing with us.

Here is the registration link:

PS From Jan

If you would like to check out another event that Cathy and Dick are leading, go to The Gettin’ Higher choir website to get the free link to their concert on Saturday, January 30th at 8 pm MST.  They are joining another Victoria choir called Wavelengths for that Zoom performance.