Don’t you hate being sick?

Don’t you hate being sick? I mean, aside from the feeling lousy part of it, there is the ‘depending on others’ part that doesn’t always feel good for people who like running their own lives. Like me.

Pneumonia. I was diagnosed on Easter Monday. That heavy cold I thought I had wasn’t… it was a lung infection. Suddenly my time was being spent getting driven to doctor’s offices and pharmacies, waiting to be fed, having nurses and doctors and loved ones taking care of me. Serving me, attending to my needs and often more kindly, to my preferences. I have been well cared for.

In May our service theme is “A Church for Serving”. For a lot of us, serving is a positive and desirable thing. It makes us feel good. It gives us a sense of purpose and worth. We know we are doing good. But this illness has reminded me that being served is the other half of the equation. When you are proud of your independence, being served can be the tougher side of the formula. I am trying my best to be gracious.

Let us remember to be grateful for the ability to serve. Let us also be grateful and kind for the people who may struggle to let us serve them.

See you in church.