Change and Transformation

Change and Transformation

Speaking of change and transformation – April’s theme – it’s been quite a six week whirlwind for our family. We put our house on the market on January 29, and sold it the same day.

As I write this (March 20th) I am looking forward with the usual mix of emotions towards moving house tomorrow.  We have had our new home for about 10 days and with the help of many hands have done some renovating and painting…along with packing and prepping. It’s ready and a few of the fragile items are already there.  Frankly, we are aching and exhausted.

In the midst of this period of work and preparation,  we learned of the need to help our son Hunter find a group home.  It was a difficult decision to make, of course, and we will both likely feel the weight of it until we become convinced that Hunter is well and truly settled.  We thought that if we were lucky, he might move by the end of April.

But in the midst of our packing and prepping the good people at Entrust found a home (Hunter will be the first resident) rented it, made some modifications and let us know that he can move in …tomorrow!  Last night, instead of emptying our house, we were setting up his.  Yikes!  But it’s a really nice house.  I think it will work out. Of course, Erica frequently notes that I see the world through rose coloured glasses. We will see.

There are times in all of our lives when all you can do is put your head down and ask, “What’s next on the list?”  If we are lucky these times are few and far between.  Right now it’s our turn, but we will get through it.

If I have seemed a little out of it, or if I have dropped the ball in some way, I do apologize.  I know some things, important things, have fallen pretty far down the “What’s next?” list.  But that’s the nature of change sometimes.  And judging from the kindness and understanding this community has been showing us, well, you get it.

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