A Message from Reverend Lee Anne Washington

Dear Ones,

I have been eagerly awaiting the start of our shared ministry during this interim between settled ministries. September’s theme is “The Journey from Here to There.” While we get to know each other, we will also be deepening our understanding of interim ministry.

Since I am still awaiting the issuance of my passport, I am writing to you from my home office in White Stone, Virginia — a small fishing and farming village of 500 people. It is from here that I will, among other things, offer Sunday worship services, participate in committee meetings, and join you in “Dessert with Rev. Lee Anne” sessions that will take place over the next few months.

Once my passport arrives, I will finalize my travel plans, ship my belongings, and self-quarantine for the requisite amounts of time in the U.S. and in Canada. So, we are still weeks away from being in the same vicinity. I am, however, just an email (uce.interim.minister@gmail.com) or phone call (804) 436-5929 away. We can also enjoy face-to-face Zoom calls.

I look forward to getting to know you, the city of Edmonton, and the Canadian way of doing things. Until then, as we contemplate what it means to embark on this new interim journey from here to there, I share with you a lovely blessing written by Becca Reynolds and found on the WorshipWeb:

May Love Permeate
May love permeate your every heartbeat
May faith guide your every step
May truth and compassion be your Eternal travelling companions
And may a deep, abiding Spirit rest joyously
In your every waking wish
And your every resting dream.


Rev. Lee Anne