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Celebrating Women

“Celebrating Women”   a sermon  March 9, 2014 Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton   When we met to brainstorm this service, Audrey and I settled on a theme of mentors and role models.  You have already spent some time lighting candles for the women who have been examples for you, and that is good.   The whole idea of mentors and role models is an interesting one.  They aren’t the same thing.  Usually the best role models […]

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Sexual Violence

“Sexual Violence” a sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely Unitarian Church of Edmonton, April 28, 2013 Sexual violence.  This should be an easy sermon.  At first blush it seems so black and white, so clear cut.  Hurting people is wrong. No means no.  We have seen what has happened in India and applauded as the women rose in the wake of a horrendous gang rape and murder and forced the government to change the law.  We have mourned with the […]

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Women’s Day Service – Ruth Patrick

CUUWA WOMEN’S DAY SERVICE March 10, 2013 Strong women.  Today, as we celebrate National Women’s Day across Canada I find myself thinking of all the strong women of the past and how much we need such women today.  What were the qualities which made them strong?  They must have been women of great courage, strength of conviction, patience and endurance. The men who explored and settled this country, brought with them the attitudes and social customs of their land of […]

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