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Ingathering- Our Principles

“Ingathering – Our Principles” a sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton September 2, 2018 I begin with a quotation from liberal theologian Anthony Padovano: Being human is the most difficult and the most religious of all our undertakings, for being human means accepting the sacredness and fragility of one’s own life.  It means living every moment with tragedy at hand and grace close by.  Being human means forever trying to settle oneself into the unsettling situations […]

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Worth and Dignity: Our Good News

“Worth and Dignity: Our Good News”  A Homily on Campus Chaplaincy Rev. Brian J. Kiely  October 2, 2016 I want to begin by offering thanks and congratulations as well, first to Audrey Brooks for her 10 years of service to Campus Chaplaincy – in addition to all she does around here at UCE, and also to Anne Barker who has stepped up to enthusiastically take on this challenging task.  To that I would add my congratulations to the Westwood Congregation […]

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“Autism” a diversity-theme sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton September 11, 2016 Introduction This month we are asking “Where Do I See Diversity?”  In addressing this theme in Sunday services I wanted to stay away from some of the more obvious areas like race and gender and orientation.  Today we consider individuals who are not ‘normal’ – who are ‘damaged’ in some way.   This could include people with physical restrictions, mental illnesses, who live with the […]

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The Diversity Curse

A sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton, September 4, 2016 On Wednesday evening at a Rotary Club BBQ I had the pleasure of conversing with a physician visiting from Uganda.  I asked Moses a favourite question I pose to visitors:  “What is the one thing here in Edmonton or Canada that strikes you as the most different from your land?” I get a fascinating mix of answers.  A European friend once said ‘pick-up trucks- they’re everywhere!’  A […]

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I’m Sorry

“I’m Sorry!”  a sermon on forgiveness and reconciliation Rev. Brian J. Kiely,  Unitarian Church of Edmonton  February 7, 2016 Some years ago my colleague Dana Worsnop served as Interim Minister in Calgary for a year.  Whenever a settled ministry ends, most congregations bring in an Interim for a year or even two to help the community take a good look at itself while it prepares to call another permanent minister. So Dana came up from California and spent a year in […]

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Brave in Faith

“Brave in Faith” a sermon on the theme of Courage a sermon by Brian J. Kiely, Unitarian Church of Edmonton, January 31, 2016 Being a faithful or a principled person in Canada is an interesting dichotomy.  To identify with a religion, or even a set of values carries with it an expectation that we will live and even promote those values in our everyday lives.  That can seem daunting as visions of Jehovah’s Witnesses standing ignored in front of the Milner […]

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The Inconvenient Indian

    A sermon on Thomas King’s Book by Rev. Brian J. Kiely , March 29, 2015 READING – from The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King When we imagine history, we imagine a grand structure, a national chronicle, a closely organized and guarded record of agreed upon event and interpretations, a bundle of “authenticities” and “Truths” welded into a flexible, yet conservative narrative that explains how we got from there to here.  It is a relationship we have with ourselves, a […]

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Why Unitarianism Matters

Why Unitarianism Matters  a sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely Unitarian Church of Edmonton September 28, 2014 Rev. Linda Thomson who works for the Canadian Unitarian Council in the eastern part of our country has a sermon she uses when visiting congregations.  And in that sermon she makes the bold statement “Unitarianism … saves … lives.”  She’s not the first person to say that, and she won’t be the last. But I sometimes stumble on that word ‘saves’.  My mind […]

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A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning: A Case Study

This service was presented by Chorealis, the UCE Choir on April 6, 2014 Reflection by Karen Mills When I first came to UCE, about 24 years ago, one of the very first conversations I had was with a (then) matriarch of the congregation. She asked me about myself and I said I played piano and was interested in music. She replied, almost with a warning tone, “That’s nice dear, but we DON’T sing.” Hmmm…. that bugged me. One other thing […]

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Why Can’t Tradition Stay Where I Put It?

Unitarian Church of Edmonton  December 15, 2013 With a title like Why Can’t Tradition Stay Where I Put it?, you might have come expecting a middle-aged rant, or at least a lament about the good old days and how sad it all is that those wonderful family values of yesterday have eroded.  Naturally such a premise would be followed by a prediction that society will come to a crashing end three weeks from next Tuesday because we have lost touch with […]

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