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Promises to Self

Promise to Self a sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely Unitarian Church of Edmonton, September 1, 2017 Reading “Promise is a big word.  It either makes something or breaks something. “ Lianne Martha Maiquez Laroya 1. “I promise to myself that I will accept my strengths as well as my flaws.” 2. “I will speak lovingly to myself.” 3. “I will always keep in mind that I cannot control everything.” 4. “I will choose my battles wisely.” 5. “I will […]

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Living Our OWN Lives

Living our OWN Lives, a sermon on the theme of Courage Rev. Brian J. Kiely, Unitarian Church of Edmonton, January 17, 2016 Perhaps it’s family expectations or job constraints or the weight of social norms, but some of us bump into roadblocks that keep us feeling like we are leading someone else’s idea of a life, not our own lives. How many of us feel that we get to make all of our life choices freely?  Not too many, right? […]

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