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Promises to Others

“Promises to Others”  Second of a Series of sermons Sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely     September 10, 2017 Reading A Promise is a Promise  Frank Sonnenberg Do you think before you make a promise to someone? What if you can’t deliver on your word? Does it really matter? The world isn’t going to come to an end, is it? Well, actually no, but have you considered . . . Many people are pretty casual about making promises. As […]

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The Hero Within- a Hallowe’en Sermon

October 29, 2016 We sit in the midst of the spirit world today. Day of the Dead, All Saints/All Souls, Samhain, Hallowe’en.  It is said that this is the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, when reaching into the realm of spirits is easiest. Conversely, of course, it’s the easiest time for them to reach us!  We dress up.  In some traditions the purpose of Hallowe’en costumes is to disguise ourselves so as to foil Death […]

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Worth and Dignity: Our Good News

“Worth and Dignity: Our Good News”  A Homily on Campus Chaplaincy Rev. Brian J. Kiely  October 2, 2016 I want to begin by offering thanks and congratulations as well, first to Audrey Brooks for her 10 years of service to Campus Chaplaincy – in addition to all she does around here at UCE, and also to Anne Barker who has stepped up to enthusiastically take on this challenging task.  To that I would add my congratulations to the Westwood Congregation […]

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“Autism” a diversity-theme sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton September 11, 2016 Introduction This month we are asking “Where Do I See Diversity?”  In addressing this theme in Sunday services I wanted to stay away from some of the more obvious areas like race and gender and orientation.  Today we consider individuals who are not ‘normal’ – who are ‘damaged’ in some way.   This could include people with physical restrictions, mental illnesses, who live with the […]

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To Be a Dad – a Father’s Day Sermon

“To Be a Dad” a sermon for Father’s Day  Rev. Brian J. Kiely   June 19, 2016 Unitarian Church of Edmonton. If you were anxious that this would be a Hallmark Card service telling you all to have warm mushy feelings of appreciation for your fathers, or fathers of your children, let me offer you relief right now. I want to spend my time talking about what it means to be a Dad, rather than singing their praises.  Although there […]

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Leap Day: Starting Fresh

A  sermon on the theme of reconciliation.  Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton February 28, 2016 Each new morning two choices are open to us: The choice to live that day in the joyfulness of Love, Or in the darkness of Fear. Each new day, as the sun rises,  We have another opportunity to make that choice. The symbolism of the sunrise is the removal of shadow And the return of Light. Each new morning we have another […]

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Living Our OWN Lives

Living our OWN Lives, a sermon on the theme of Courage Rev. Brian J. Kiely, Unitarian Church of Edmonton, January 17, 2016 Perhaps it’s family expectations or job constraints or the weight of social norms, but some of us bump into roadblocks that keep us feeling like we are leading someone else’s idea of a life, not our own lives. How many of us feel that we get to make all of our life choices freely?  Not too many, right? […]

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Images of Darkness

  This is the second sermon addressing the theme “What would it mean to live as people of LIGHT” As part of the service I shared a reading by Vernette Suoerville, a Trinidadian blogger.  You can read it here. Sermon Just before the winter solstice I preached on darkness.  I offered a reading by Jacqui James.  It is part of our worship theme guide e-mailed to most of you just before the start of the year. She noted that our […]

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Courage in Life

“Courage in Life” a sermon  by Rev. Brian J. Kiely with Judge Sean Dunnigan Unitarian Church of Edmonton March 23, 2014   Reading We need one another when we mourn and would be comforted.   We need one another when we are in trouble and afraid.   We need one another when we are in despair, in temptation, and need to be recalled to our best selves again.   We need one another when we would accomplish some great purpose, […]

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Why Can’t Tradition Stay Where I Put It?

Unitarian Church of Edmonton  December 15, 2013 With a title like Why Can’t Tradition Stay Where I Put it?, you might have come expecting a middle-aged rant, or at least a lament about the good old days and how sad it all is that those wonderful family values of yesterday have eroded.  Naturally such a premise would be followed by a prediction that society will come to a crashing end three weeks from next Tuesday because we have lost touch with […]

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