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Unitarians and the Liberal Tradition

Part one of a three part sermon series  Rev. Brian J. Kiely, November 11, 2018 READING (From a United KingdomA level philosophy course study guide)  The logical starting-point towards understanding any ideology concerns its view of human nature. In straight-forward terms, liberals share an optimistic attitude towards human nature. This is based upon an assumption that our behaviour is determined by rational interest rather than irrational emotions and prejudice. We are therefore governed by reason and should be entrusted with […]

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“Liberalism”  a sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely Unitarian Church of Edmonton, September 13, 2014. This sermon began taking shape in the most philosophical of all venues, a pub.  John Pater and I were deep in convivial conversation accompanied by fine beers and excellent food.  The discussion turned to politics – as it often does for middle-aged men in the hiatus between hockey and football seasons. Because we were already sipping, perhaps, our second brews respectively – a confessional air […]

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