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Sexual Violence

“Sexual Violence” a sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely Unitarian Church of Edmonton, April 28, 2013 Sexual violence.  This should be an easy sermon.  At first blush it seems so black and white, so clear cut.  Hurting people is wrong. No means no.  We have seen what has happened in India and applauded as the women rose in the wake of a horrendous gang rape and murder and forced the government to change the law.  We have mourned with the […]

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Healthy Sexuality

Introduction Welcome to a very special morning where we hope to wed what could be a controversial topic with an experiment in social media community building. The topic is Healthy Sexuality, that wonderful component of being human that is seldom addressed in churches…well, seldom addressed in a positive way.  I certainly have no intention of uttering the words “Thou shalt not” today. Over the summer I took an online course designed for new ministers encouraging us to figure out our […]

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