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“Autism” a diversity-theme sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton September 11, 2016 Introduction This month we are asking “Where Do I See Diversity?”  In addressing this theme in Sunday services I wanted to stay away from some of the more obvious areas like race and gender and orientation.  Today we consider individuals who are not ‘normal’ – who are ‘damaged’ in some way.   This could include people with physical restrictions, mental illnesses, who live with the […]

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The Diversity Curse

A sermon by Rev. Brian J. Kiely  Unitarian Church of Edmonton, September 4, 2016 On Wednesday evening at a Rotary Club BBQ I had the pleasure of conversing with a physician visiting from Uganda.  I asked Moses a favourite question I pose to visitors:  “What is the one thing here in Edmonton or Canada that strikes you as the most different from your land?” I get a fascinating mix of answers.  A European friend once said ‘pick-up trucks- they’re everywhere!’  A […]

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