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Actively Engaged- CUC Vision Statement

“Actively Engaged: a sermon on the CUC Vision Statement”  Rev. Brian J. Kiely The service began with a video clip from a presentation by Henry Rollins.  Punk musician, writer and raconteur, Rollins is a dedicated liberal and calls ‘em as he sees ‘em.  He walks out on stage in his black pants and tee shirt and simply starts talking and goes for two hours without a break for even a sip of water.  And he is riveting.  He is funny, […]

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Brave in Faith

“Brave in Faith” a sermon on the theme of Courage a sermon by Brian J. Kiely, Unitarian Church of Edmonton, January 31, 2016 Being a faithful or a principled person in Canada is an interesting dichotomy.  To identify with a religion, or even a set of values carries with it an expectation that we will live and even promote those values in our everyday lives.  That can seem daunting as visions of Jehovah’s Witnesses standing ignored in front of the Milner […]

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Living Our OWN Lives

Living our OWN Lives, a sermon on the theme of Courage Rev. Brian J. Kiely, Unitarian Church of Edmonton, January 17, 2016 Perhaps it’s family expectations or job constraints or the weight of social norms, but some of us bump into roadblocks that keep us feeling like we are leading someone else’s idea of a life, not our own lives. How many of us feel that we get to make all of our life choices freely?  Not too many, right? […]

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Admitting to Courage

Rev. Brian J. Kiely, Unitarian Church of Edmonton, January 3, 2016 THE STORY The story of Jacob wanders over 7 long chapters of Genesis before it comes to it’s important point. So Here’s a quick summary and then the final critical verses: Jacob was the second son of Isaac, who was in turn the son of Abraham, the Father of the Hebrew peoples.  Jacob was clever, bright and ambitious. He was slender and sleek.  He was also the younger brother […]

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