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The goals of UU religious growth and learning include:

  • to develop self-understanding and self-acceptance, both inner and outer self

  • to develop acceptance and appreciation of others

  • to explore and evaluate concepts, beliefs, and principles

  • to appreciate the wonder of nature and the universe

  • to learn about and understand our religious movement and heritage

  • to develop moral and ethical decision making

  • to put ethics into action, striving for a more just world

  • to build a sense of community

  • to learn to take responsibility for our lives and actions

This process requires freedom to learn and experience, responsibility, knowledge, wonder, honesty, and hope.

At all grade levels, we accept and teach diversity of race, religion, class, sexual orientation and gender identity. All people have inherent dignity and worth.


Classes are as follows: ALL MEET IN SANCTUARY FOR 10:30.

Sparks(ages 0-1) Flames(ages 2-4), meet in Nursery

Chalice Children(ages 5-7), Pathfinders(ages 8-11), meet in large classroom

Youth Group(ages 12 and up), meet in small classroom/board room

Youth group meets 2nd and 4th Sunday each month.

Off Sundays, youth group meets in large classroom.


Dear Parent(s),

First and foremost, I want to introduce myself to those who may not know me. My name is Lauren Kay. I have the wonderful job of teaching, enriching and inspiring your children and families. Prior to accepting the position as RE Leader for UCE, I have been very involved with our church in many other ways. I plan various events for our congregation. I also serve on the Social Justice Committee. I recently became a facilitator for the OWL(Our Whole Lives human sexuality) program. I am very passionate and proud to be a Unitarian. I am happy to be of service to the congregation and the greater community. I am very open and approachable. Please don’t hesitate to come to me with any questions, suggestions or just to chat. You may reach me in person, via phone, Facebook and email.


Lauren Kay

780-455-9797 or 780-952-3586 cell number

FB group: UCE RE Family or


As best I can, I will be aligning the children’s curriculum along with the weekly sermons. However, sometimes, we will be teaching other topics that are just as important and enriching to the children. I will be sending this guide out at the beginning of each month via print and email. Please make sure you give me your email address if you wish me to email the information to you.

This guide will be filled with information regarding the learning for each week. Also included with be family activities, books and movies to explore. I will post news of upcoming events and other important information.

Some children prefer to stick close to their caregivers while the service is going on. For these children we have two options to help them have a good time during the service.

The Quiet Room- Our quiet room is located at the back of the main sanctuary. The service can be watched through the window, with the audio plays through a speaker located in the room. Caregivers can feel comfortable knowing that children can play with the toys and books provided in the room without having to remain totally silent, while the adults still get to watch and participate in the service.

Quiet Bags- For those kids who prefer to stay with their caregivers in the main sanctuary during the worship service, we have quiet bags prepared. Located just inside the coat room, quiet bags include coloring sheets, some paper, and a bag of crayons. Children are welcome to take a quiet bag into the service with them so they can something to do with their hands while they listen to the service with their ears.

Children and Youth in Worship

Worship is our way of contemplating things of worth. There are several ways that our children and youth experience worship at church. On special holidays and other events, there are Intergenerational services, in which children and youth attend the whole church service with their parents. These services are designed to be especially interactive and meaningful to all age groups. The nursery(Sparks) and preschool(Flames) classes will meet on these Sundays, but all other children and youth will join with the adults in the services. You will be notified if the Sparks and Flames will be in the sanctuary as well.

RE staff:

We have a wonderful group of teachers for this program year. Will you consider joining them for the occasional teaching or helping session? Please contact Lauren Kay if so. We would love to have you.

Lauren Kay, RE Leader and Chalice Children(5-7) teacher

Vivian Trinh, RE Assistant and Sparks/Flames(0-4) teacher

Brandie Moller-Reid, Youth(12 and up)group teacher

Maria Jenkins, Youth group(12 and up) teacher

___________________, Pathfinders(8-11) teacher

*****The Pathfinder position is available at this time. Helping Hand members will be filling

in until we get an amazing volunteer for this age group!

Children and Youth will be bringing home their very own chalice for home use. I encourage you to use the chalice every night.

EXPLORE THE TOPIC TOGETHER . . . Invite your child to describe their chalice to you. How might you use their chalice—in their bedroom, on the dining table?

Make a family ritual. Maybe at dinner time, light it(turn it on. It has a battery) and discuss your Gratitude(s) of the day or Joys and Sorrows. In RE class, we will be doing either a Sharing Circle or Joys and Sorrows. Or pretend to light the chalice as part of a bedtime ritual, then “blow it out” together when it is time for bed.

Below is a Chalice lighting reflection for your family to use for this month. Say chalice-lighting words such as,

“We light this chalice for the warmth of love,

the light of truth, and the energy of action”

About the Chalice: A flame within a chalice, represents the Canadian Unitarian Council(CUC) and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and is a symbol of our Unitarian faith.

Class Curriculum:

Flames class(2-4): The children will be learning UU themes within the context of

fun activities, songs, and play.

Chalice Children(5-7):

The Chalice Children’s curriculum will based on Creating Home which is about belonging and exploring the concepts of home/congregation and those within it. Moral Tales will be about love, truth, courage and stories of inspiration. All learning is based on song/poetry, activities and sharing with others.


Children will grow in Unitarian Universalist identity, explore their connections to one another in our beloved communities. Crafts and games that use tying and knots makes tangible the concept of connections we share with one another. Participants physically explore what it means to be linked to others and how one person’s actions can affect the whole system to which they belong.

Youth Group(12 and up):

Youth Group curriculum will be based on Building Bridges. Building Bridges is a world religions program to deepen youth’s understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which they live. It seeks to broaden their knowledge of humanity and embolden their spiritual search.

September Themes:

Where Do I Find Diversity?”

All children and youth will be learning and experiencing the labyrinth

on their first September class.

Flames class: Friendship Finders/Everyone is unique!

Chalice Children: Moral Compass/Goodness.

Pathfinders: Love Connects Us/In Another’s Shoes.

Youth Group: Dignity/Standing Up For Others, UU/The Journey Starts At Home.