Chalice Group Potluck

January 14, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Unitarian Church of Edmonton
Scott H. and Brian K.

Chalice Groups: Thinking, Listening, Community 

If you would like to join a chalice group for the New Year, sign up in the foyer. There will be a post-church potluck lunch on Sunday, January 14th for all that would like to join a chalice



Unitarian Universalist minister John Morgan said: People come into our communities looking for a place to belong (intimacy) and a place to seek meaning (ultimacy) about living and dying and the spaces between.
Chalice groups provide a unique opportunity for community members to explore deeper meaning and belonging by:
Exploration and experimentation with deep personal reflection and listening
Build a sense of community among the participants
Create a climate of mutual respect and understanding
Strengthen the shared experience of being a Unitarian Universalist.
For those who are interested, we will help form the small groups of 6-10 that will then meet regularly until June.

Please contact Scott Harrison at for more information.