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The Unitarian Church of Edmonton is governed by its members  through congregational meetings and an elected Board of Trustees. Its purposes and program are determined by the members. Our congregation chooses its own minister. Although we recognize no hierarchical church authority, we cooperate with other parts of the denomination through our membership in the Canadian Unitarian Council.

Here are our bylaws: UCE bylaws2013

Church committees conduct such activities as church school, fellowship, social action, adult education programs and many others. Our chief goal as a religious institution is to help individuals and the community develop a philosophy, an outlook and attitudes which give meaning, dignity and richness to life. To this end we have developed a broad program of activities.

Board of Trustees 2016-17
President -Michael Keast
Vice President – Karen Mills
Secretary – Gloria Krenbrench
Treasurer – Susan Ruttan
Trustee – Yvonne Mireau
Trustee – Lynn Wolff
Trustee – David Rae
Trustee – Nonie Buski

Committees Chairs
Canvass – Andrew Mills

Chorealis (Choir) – Karen Mills/Gordon Ritchie
Communications –
Karen Bilida
Membership – rotating chair
Ministerial Relations – Kathy Stanley
Property Management – Mike Keast
Religious Education – Marilyn Gaa
Social Justice – Jeff Bisanz
Worship – TBA

To contact any of the above people please phone or email the Church Administrator at (780) 454-8703 or by email at chadmin@uce.ca.