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Read about the fascinating people who built and sustained our congregation over the years: (click on the green words)

— Ayres, Mary: Tireless Worker: Ayres Mares
— Blythe, Frances: A UCE Matriarch: Frances Blythe
—  Bourgoin, Maurice and Annabelle: Alberta-Quebec Loyalists:  Bourgoins
— Brooks, Audrey: In Her Own Words:  
— Brown, Bill: Teacher and Family Man: BillBrown|
— Campbell, Florence: A Family Anchor: Frances Campbell
— Clarke, Stella: Musician and Teacher: Stella Clarke
— Cloutier, Liz: Liz Cloutier
— Collins, Clarence: CollinsCbook
— De Shield, Marion: Marion DeShield
— Ferguson, Phyllis: Phyllis Ferguson
— Keeler, Bernie: Bernie Keeler
— Keeler, Dorothy: Dorothy Keeler
— Nanning, Ada: AdaNanning
— Nimmons, Mary: MaryNimmons
— Patrick, Ruth: RuthPatrick
— Ratcliff, Jack: JackRatcliff
— Ready, Helen: HelenReady
— Roche, Marge: MargeRoche
— Simons, Morris: MauriceSimons