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The Unitarian church was first founded in Edmonton in 1912, based near the brand-new University of Alberta. In the late 1930’s it folded, but was reborn in 1954 as the Unitarian Church of Edmonton. In 1982 a second Unitarian church was founded, with the help of UCE, called Westwood Unitarian Congregation.
For a full history, go to Our History to find photos and original documents.

The UCE History Project also records the stories of church pioneers who have contributed so much.  Click on the green link and a full profile of one of these amazing people will be downloaded to your computer, where you can read it.

Here’s our latest profile: Lilas Lysne

— Don and Elaine Royer
— Marge Roche: Marge Roche
Rev. Audrey Brooks:  Audrey Brooks
— Liz Cloutier: Liz Cloutier
Stella Clarke:  Stella Clarke
— Florence Campbell:
 Florence Campbell