Our Purpose

The Unitarian Church of Edmonton — a liberal religious, multi-generational congregation: We celebrate a rich mosaic of free-thinking, spiritually-questing individuals joined in common support and action. We welcome diversity, pursue the common good, and work for justice. We believe in the compassion of the individual heart, the warmth of community, and the search for meaning in our lives.

| Sunday Service | 10:30am | 10804-119 Street | Edmonton |780.454.8073 |

Our Minister

Our minister acts as a guide to the church in ethical and theological matters, as a leader in worship (freedom of the pulpit is granted by the congregation) and as a friend and counselor to all who seek these services.

Rev. Brian Kiely has been the minister at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton since September of 1997. He is a leader of the Unitarian Universalist church both nationally and internationally, so we are lucky to have him as our minister. Brian is a terrific speaker and a nice person. He's a great cook and a dedicated Edmonton Eskimos football fan.

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Unitarian Church of Edmonton

NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE SUNDAY SERVICE -- SUNDAY SERVICE -- Nov. 2, 2014, 11 am -- NOTE SPECIAL TIME. Western Regional Fall Gathering . Service Leader: Rev. Anne Barker "Conjuring Connection" Celebrating the sacred necessity of connection, together we will conjure up a little Unitarian Universalist relationship magic. Feel free to bring your secret weapons and magic wands. ALSO NOTE: Daylight Savings Time ends today.

WHAT'S NEW? Our choir is huge, sings everything from Mozart to Billy Joel, and is open to all who love to sing. Practices are Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm. Y'all come.

Divining the Digital Reformation

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